ArtemiC™ Rescue is your ally for immune health, offering a natural, potent formula for the management of Covid-like symptoms. It’s clinically evaluated and powered by MyCell™ technology to ensure maximum absorption of its key ingredients: curcumin, Boswellia Serrata, vitamin C, and artemisinin.

Highly Effective in Small Doses

ArtemiC™ Rescue boasts versatile potential as a treatment for home or clinic use.
By preventing ravaging cytokine storms, it promises to be a valuable weapon against
not just COVID-19 but a wide range of diseases threatening human health.


Modulates the immune system’s response to
maintain a balanced and effective defense
against pathogens.


Directly inhibits the growth and proliferation
of harmful microorganisms.


Helps mitigate excessive inflammation, a
common underlying factor in many diseases.

Mitochondrial Function

Enhances cellular energy production and metabolism,
which is crucial for maintaining overall health.

Award-Winning, Patented Technology

The innovative MyCell™ delivery system amplifies the potency of the active ingredients found in ArtemiC™, enhancing the supplement’s capacity to bolster the body’s defenses against COVID-19 and other viral threats.

This groundbreaking technology encapsulates oil-based substances within a protective “skin”, enabling direct cellular absorption of the vital active compounds. Consequently, ArtemiC™ achieves harmonious synergy with the body’s natural processes, distinguished not only by its unique formulation but also by its cutting-edge delivery mechanism, ensuring unparalleled efficiency in combating viral invaders.

ArtemiC™ Rescue

ArtemiC™ Rescue is a testament to the power of nature, meticulously crafted from a synergistic blend of natural extracts that have undergone rigorous clinical testing. This cutting-edge nutritional supplement harnesses the potency of its ingredients through an ingenious process called micellisation, facilitated by our patented MyCell™ technology. By encapsulating the active compounds within microscopic spheres, MyCell™ ensures optimal absorption and bioavailability, amplifying the supplement’s efficacy within the body.

At its core, ArtemiC™ Rescue is a formidable ally in fortifying your immune defenses. Designed to bolster the intricate network of cells, proteins, and processes that comprise your body’s innate defense system, this innovative supplement provides a comprehensive approach to supporting immune function. Whether combating the relentless onslaught of viral invaders or reinforcing your overall health and resilience, ArtemiC™ Rescue is a powerful ally in your quest for optimal well-being.

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Potent Ingredients

ArtemiC™ Rescue consolidates the potent synergy of four meticulously selected ingredients into an intelligent and highly efficacious formulation. This strategic combination is purposefully engineered to combat the multifaceted effects that the COVID-19 virus can inflict upon the human body, providing a comprehensive defense against this formidable adversary.

  • Curcumin

    Curcumin is a naturally occurring compound in the Curcuma longa L. plant and is known for its wide array of benefits. Curcumin is revered as a sacred plant in Southeast Asia and has been used successfully in Traditional Chinese Medicine (TCM) and Ayurvedic medicine for at least 5,000 years.

  • Boswellia Serrata

    Olibanum is the gum resin obtained from the bark of the South Arabian frankincense tree (Boswellia serrata). The use of frankincense as a medicinal remedy dates back to ancient times and was already widely in use in the 4th century BC. This was the age of Hippocrates who is known as the father of modern medicine.

  • Vitamin C

    Vitamin C is involved in numerous processes in the body, it contributes to the normal functioning of the immune system, and it reduces fatigue.

  • Artemisinin

    Artemisinins are derived from extracts of sweet wormwood (Artemisia annua) and are well established for the treatment of malaria, including highly drug-resistant strains.

How it Works

ArtemiC™ Rescue uses a multifaceted approach to symptom management.
Helping you feel better now and stay stronger in the long run.


Optimizes the body's immune response.

Optimizes the Body's Immune Response

Prevents secondary bacterial infection.

Reduces Inflammation

Prevents secondary bacterial infection.

Reduces Inflammation

Strengthens and regulates mitochondrial function.

Studies and Documents

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