CIMR® Technology

Stop worrying about spreading illness through pathogens in the air or on your surfaces. Our CIMR® cell technology is now available to instantly deactivate and eliminate the COVID-19 virus, the Asian flu, bacteria, mold, and other airborne pathogens, all in a way that is COMPLETELY SAFE for pets, humans, and the environment.

Say Hello To Scientifically Proven Protection

Our air technology systems don’t just filter air, they eliminate 99.9% of all airborne or surface
pathogens by infusing surrounding air with safe hydrogen peroxide gas.


Our CIMR air purification system has been tested at numerous military installations, leading universities, medical centers, and commercial laboratories. It is proven to destroy microbial threats in the shared air and on all surfaces.

100% Safe for
Pets and Humans

Our CIMR air purification system contains 1/50th of the hydrogen peroxide concentration recommended by OSHA, the CDC, and the EPA. It is both environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and pets.

Approved by the
& the EPA

The safety, environmental friendliness, and effectiveness of our CIMR system have been approved by major health and environment organizations. When you choose Esparza Enterprises, you choose air purification that protects.

Models for
Every Use

No matter the purpose of your CIMR, we have an exact model for it. From portable, plug-in models to versions that integrate into your HVAC, we’ll help you determine what’s most efficient for you.


Models For Every Use

Our CIMR® technology is available in a number of systems designed for 500 – 16,000 square feet of coverage
and designed to handle any viral load your building experiences. Choose portable units that can be plugged
into standard U.S. electrical outlets, or units that integrate into your HVAC ductwork. They all provide safe,
effective, and self-regulated treatment of your air.

Air Treatment
That Protects

Don’t just protect against common viruses and bacteria. Protect against the environmental damage and health hazards that air purifiers present. Our CIMR® technology is designed not just to eliminate virtually all airborne and surface pathogens, but to do so in a way that is entirely safe for every other living thing.

Key Features of CIMR® Technology:

  • Preemptively seeks out and destroys harmful microbes
  • Works continuously, without ongoing maintenance or upkeep
  • Produces 1/50th of the OSHA safe limit of hydrogen peroxide molecules
  • Kills germs in the air and on every surface
  • Renders microbial organisms harmless through oxidation
  • Treats everywhere air can travel
  • Operates without odor
  • Kills fungi and mold
  • Installs easily into HVAC systems
  • Does NOT produce ozone

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