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Since 1960, Esparza has been providing pest control services that leverage the latest technology and the most effective techniques to eliminate pests the first time. Today, we are using leading CIMR® technology to provide an ongoing, instant way to eliminate all pathogens as soon as they enter your air. As an extension of the Esparza Pest Control brand, we take quality very seriously and strive to provide the most efficient technologies and exceptional service.

Say Hello To Scientifically Proven Protection

Our air technology systems don’t just filter air, they eliminate 99.9% of all airborne or surface
pathogens by infusing surrounding air with safe hydrogen peroxide gas.


Our CIMR air purification system has been tested at numerous military installations, leading universities, medical centers, and commercial laboratories. It is proven to destroy microbial threats in the shared air and on all surfaces.

100% Safe for
Pets and Humans

Our CIMR air purification system contains 1/50th of the hydrogen peroxide concentration recommended by OSHA, the CDC, and the EPA. It is both environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and pets.

Approved by the
& the EPA

The safety, environmental friendliness, and effectiveness of our CIMR system have been approved by major health and environment organizations. When you choose Esparza Enterprises, you choose air purification that protects.

Models for
Every Use

No matter the purpose of your CIMR, we have an exact model for it. From portable, plug-in models to versions that integrate into your HVAC, we’ll help you determine what’s most efficient for you.

Guaranteed Quality

You breathe in 23,000 times a day, taking in 435 cubic feet of air. The EPA and the United States Congress has ranked indoor air pollution as our nation’s #1 environmental health problem. The air you breathe everyday is filled with bacteria, dust mites, mold spores, and germs. CIM® Systems provide continuous protection from viruses, mold, fungi, and other infectious germs.

  • Step 1
  • Certified Professionals will inspect and custom design a plan of action based on your needs and concerns.

  • Step 2
  • CIMR® Systems are installed in a matter of minutes to ensure 100% healthy air circulation.

  • Step 3
  • Within 48 hours, CIMR® Systems can accomplish the specialized sanitization and purification process.


Dig deeper into the powers of CIMR technology with these informative and in-depth documents.

BIZPAC Presents Layered Air Defense by CIMR

In 2021, CIMR technology was featured by the BIZPAC association of business owners as a way to provide a long-term solution to the spread of COVID-19.

download pdf

BIZPAC Summit Press Release

After their summit in 2021, BIZPAC released a statement about the potential benefits of using CIMR technology to facilitate a return to shared indoor air after the pandemic.

download pdf


This study determined that the dry hydrogen peroxide (DHP) behind CIMR technology effectively reduced the presence of microbes within a pediatric oncology intensive care unit.

download pdf

Press Informations

Discover the large events for which CIMR technology has been used to provide protection against germs.

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Press Release CIMR Moody Final Review

In 2020, the Spectrum Office Building in Houston installed a CIMR Air Defense System to create a safer work environment for those who use the building.

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