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Say Hello To Scientifically Proven Protection

Our air technology systems don’t just filter air, they eliminate 99.9% of all airborne or surface
pathogens by infusing surrounding air with safe hydrogen peroxide gas.


Our CIMR air purification system has been tested at numerous military installations, leading universities, medical centers, and commercial laboratories. It is proven to destroy microbial threats in the shared air and on all surfaces.

100% Safe for
Pets and Humans

Our CIMR air purification system contains 1/50th of the hydrogen peroxide concentration recommended by OSHA, the CDC, and the EPA. It is both environmentally friendly and completely safe for humans and pets.

Approved by the
& the EPA

The safety, environmental friendliness, and effectiveness of our CIMR system have been approved by major health and environment organizations. When you choose Esparza Enterprises, you choose air purification that protects.

Models for
Every Use

No matter the purpose of your CIMR, we have an exact model for it. From portable, plug-in models to versions that integrate into your HVAC, we’ll help you determine what’s most efficient for you.

You Shouldn’t Have to

Stop worrying about spreading illness through airborne pathogens. Don’t allow health concerns to keep you from opening your business to customers. Our system removes airborne pathogens and delivers peace of mind through technology designed to be good for the environment, and bad for germs.

  • Worry About Contamination When
    You Reopen Your Business
  • Expose Your Entire Staff to Airborne
    and Surface Pathogens
  • Limit the Number of People You Can
    Accept Due to Air Quality

Air Treatment That Protects

Esparza Enterprises offers Continuous Infectious Microbial Reduction (CMIR) air purification systems that are a powerful defense against viruses, mold, and bacteria. It has been tested at military installations, universities, medical centers, and commercial laboratories to be effective against Influenza, H5N8 Virus, MRSA, E-Coli, Streptococcus, Norovirus, Pseudomonas, Listeria, Salmonella, and even SARS-CoV-2 – the virus that causes Covid.

The power of CIMR is that it doesn’t simply filter air. It works as an infuser, using hydrogen peroxide gas to clean air and eliminate airborne or surface pathogens. It has been approved by the CDC, OSHA, and the EPA as 100% safe for pets and humans.

These environmentally-safe systems help create a healthier return to normal life in public areas where sanitation is crucial, making them ideal for schools, hospitals, theaters, office buildings, bars, hotels, and restaurants.

Reoccupy Buildings during COVID-19

Meet Esparza Enterprises

With a family history of eliminating unwanted critters, Esparza Enterprises targets a different kind of pest – the viruses, mold, and bacteria present in the air and on surfaces. Our earth-friendly solutions help you get 24/7/365 real-time protection for a safer and healthier return to normal life.


Our CIMR® technology has been successfully deployed and delivered results in various kinds of establishments. Viruses, mold, and bacteria don’t stand a chance against our powerful, yet safe technology available only here.


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